Wall Mounted Toilet

Wells-Wall-Mounted-ToiletHave you ever wondered how those toilets work that simply mount on the wall? Come back to this web site to see photos of this wall-mounted toilet complete and installed.

Some may question the strength of the toilet, “Just how sure can we be of this toilet staying mounted on the wall and not falling off?”

Others may ask, “How does it work without a tank?”

These are great questions. Here is a look “behind the scenes.” You will notice there IS a tank. It just happens to be inside the required 6” thick wall. The opaque tank is embedded into a thicker than usual wall. So if you don’t have the option for thickening up your standard 4” thick wall, this may not be an option for you. The lever for flushing is also wall-mounted just above the tank.

For reliable strength in the mounting on the wall, there are several heavy duty bolts used to secure this toilet to the studs. Check with the manufacturer. There are weight limits, but not super limiting.

Come back soon to see the finished product.