Tree Fern Remodel

Was there anything about this bathroom remodel that was unique? Did you extend to another room?

Upon beginning this remodel I was amazed at how calm Catherine was through the whole process. Not that we shouldn’t have calm clients as Michael does run a tight and efficient schedule. Our project actually affected all of the bathrooms in her house. I asked her if there were any events in the near future that might impact our dates for construction. Very calmly she mentioned she would be hosting a ladies retreat at her home and MANY women would be staying in her home for the weekend. Catherine very sweetly agreed to begin the project just 2 weeks prior to this major event. While things were clicking along nicely we were definitely “in her space” everyday. If I were planning a retreat I would need peace, quiet, and calmness in my space. Catherine functioned extremely well through all the activity while also making decisions for all the bathrooms in her house! She also managed to be an attentive and caring daughter to her mother and juggled her own personal health options. Never did Catherine show any sign of overload.
Finally, when you are in the most intimate part of ones home, the bathroom, you really feel close to your client. They also tend to welcome you there and the relationship forms strong bonds. It amazes me still to have done all this work and gotten so close to Catherine and not once did I get to meet the other inhabitant of the space, Charles, her husband. Gosh, I sure hope he was happy with all the choices we made! He never made a peep… far as I could tell.

What was replaced? Bathtub and toilet?

We replaced the toilet and bathtub. We are in an age of design right now where soooo many homeowners are removing the large tubs in their master bathrooms. This was an option we went over in depth with Catherine. It became obvious it just wasn’t practical to expand the shower to that large of a footprint with such a narrow space. A long, narrow shower would not be practical. Plus, we didn’t really want to affect the exterior of the house by moving or removing the window. The old configuration of shower/tub really did not compliment the existing window. Once we removed the surrounding walls of the shower and utilized the tub deck into the shower as a useful bench we actually gained useful and noticeable room inside the shower. Integrating the deck helped us visually expand the whole unit and therefore also helped to balance the asymmetry of the placement of the window. One last detail that helped tie in the balance of the window placement was the selection and placement of the chandelier. This is a great area to add so much character and personal style to the room. Catherine’s style came shining through with this selection.

What style would you call this? What did it used to have in terms of tile, fixtures counter tops, style?

We weren’t really shooting for a particular “style” with our overall scheme. While Catherine is definitely more attracted to traditional lines, she was also not afraid to venture into the latest materials selections. This did not make her subject to “contemporary” or even “transitional” styles. Catherine merely selected things she liked and which complimented the rest of her home and it just worked!
She preferred the movement of granite but wisely chose quartz with granite qualities in the way it looks—larger aggregate appearance with a bit of “swirling”. The tile was also an area where Catherine ventured into newly charted waters. She chose a tile new to the market, which is porcelain but looks like a crosscut travertine. This innovative way to cut the “stone” gives a whole new look to the pattern of the tile. This subtle crosscut look was not so busy that it competed with the slightly granite looking counter tops and tub deck either. Not only did Catherine get the beauty of a natural stone, but she also received the bonus of a low-maintenance porcelain tile. It is stunning!
Following the “Nature” theme of the cross cut travertine we also included a natural pebble floor in the shower. The contrast of the two stones was very beautiful and the texture visually soothing.

Did you all build new cabinets?

Yes. The cabinets were specifically designed and care given to the insides to store specific items which were needed by the homeowners such as hair dryers and electric razors requiring plugs inside the cabinets so those items never have to sit out on the counter top and show the plugs in the walls for those appliances they would rather leave plugged in at all times. This just cleaned up the overall look a bit more. Taking the time to listen to wishes such as these are an important part of our process. THEN communicating these custom details to our team is another important aspect of what we do at On Time Baths.