Time for Tranquility

As with many of our clients there is an opportunity to plan a completely custom space specific to the needs of the home owners. In addition to the popular question, “Do we keep the tub or get rid of it?” there were all kinds of wishes on these clients’ list.
Among others our charge was to keep the tub as it is a relaxing part of the daily routine. Since we were removing outdated, unnecessary walls and an under utilized and overly deep, bulky linen cabinet the largest concern going into the project for the home owners was having enough space to store everything when we were finished. After all, it looked like we were taking away many features they were used to having for many years. The addition of the tower and the many drawers allowed for everything to have a place and become much more accessible. Often when home owners have lived in a home for a really long time as this family had, change can be hard. I always remind my clients who have lived in one place for a long time to brace themselves for “different”. “Different” doesn’t mean wrong. It can simply take a bit of time to become “normal”.
In addition to “more space” a recurring phrase I kept hearing the homeowners mention was “relaxing”. We were challenged to create, none other than, a relaxing retreat. This was not only achieved with the choices or paint, Hush, Flora, Tranquility, or Harmony, but also with a tile selection which emulated water-washed sand. As you look at the shower walls it is as if you could hear water gently pouring down the walls creating a soothing, underwater texture.
An added bonus at the end of the project was the element of heat at the toe kick space under the cabinets. What better place for the small heaters than here; heat does rise so we maximized the warmth by placing them at the floor rather than at the ceiling.