Suds in South Austin

The bathtub was a major factor in this remodel. There were several different options but not unlimited space. We were also hoping to enlarge the shower while still allowing for sufficient clearance to pass through the center of the room. After carefully selecting the perfectly sized and shaped tub we were able to use a symmetrical installation complete with a water faucet, which mounted to the wall and created a waterfall effect.

These days there are so many bells and whistles available in a shower. The draw back is having the shower look “cluttered” with plumbing fixtures. In order to keep things uncluttered we split up the valves from the faucets. We mounted the valves on the short pony wall opposite the showerheads. The bonus is upon turning on the water the homeowner does not get wet and doesn’t even have to enter the shower.

The tile accent follows the same line around the shower and continues around the tub splash for a strong visual consistency.