Soothed by Water

Listening to each client’s goals and discovering each one’s personal style reveals many different options for custom designs. This project proved to be quite unique. A main objective was to bring in elements to represent water as the clients have a deep affection for the beach and all outdoor water activity. In the shower it was important for the homeowners to feel as if they were under water. To achieve this we blended three colors of aqua blue and silver-toned glass tiles into their accent band. Toward the bottom of the accent we placed the darkest tile to represent deeper water. Carefully blending the medium tone of tiles in the center of the accent gave the impression of coming to the surface of the water. When looking up to the ceiling the lighter, silver-toned tiles blend with the light aqua tiles as if looking up to the surface of the water from inside the shower.

In addition to a curved glass block wall and shower curb we also installed a custom display shelf on a wall near the entrance to the bathroom for showcasing some of the homeowners prized art pieces. The back wall of the display shelf is a glass pebble which adds to the reflective ability and creates a very interesting backdrop for the staggering floating shelves.