Mid Town Kitchen Remodel

Wow! What a tired kitchen this was! The young upwardly mobil home owner purchased this mid-century home in the mid-town Lamar Blvd. area with every intention of changing nearly everything about the house–starting with the kitchen.

We removed walls to open up the space allowing for more natural light to pour in from the large front windows. This also allowed us to make the kitchen feel larger and add to the functionality.

There were some features special to this property. One such feature is the partial room divider which placed a slight definition between the living room and the dining room. We all enjoyed the architecture of this unit so it was allowed to stay!
There was only a tiny pantry which was really deep compared to how wide it was; making it difficult to see what was in there. We added a cabinet with roll-out trays so the contents could be brought out to view. No more digging in the back or loosing things.

Finally, the utility room, this description is used loosely, was located in the garage. This went through a change as well. We added doors from the kitchen to that newly walled-in area and raised the floor for this new room which was now accessible from the kitchen, AND it added additional storage space to the interior of the house which was under utilized while relegated to the garage.