Maximizing the Minimum

One of the major problems this bathroom had, beside being super tiny, was the view of the toilet from the public spaces of the house. If you sat at the dining room table you could see the toilet from there. Not the best design feature for a home really.
Another issue we had with this project was the limited space. There was no way to go in either direction into another room or out the side of the house. We were locked in! This meant we needed to work with what we had.
The general thought was to switch the sink with the toilet, but code requirements would not allow us to place the toilet in such a narrow opening which contained the sink. There was no moving the toilet. The solution for blocking the view from the public spaces came in the addition of a half wall. We did leave everything in its current location however the tub was removed to accommodate a much needed walk-in shower complete with a wall-mounted bench, frameless glass surround, hand-held plumbing, recessed shampoo niche and a fresh new tile layout.

One other issue this tiny bathroom gave us was the lack of symmetry around the window. As a designer I want to make sure there are equal margins around openings such as windows. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there is a need for asymmetry. When we use asymmetry it has to look like we meant to do that, and there has to be visual balance created by the asymmetry. In this case we needed to create equal margins on both sides of the window inside the shower. We were able to do this as we discovered a small space we could re-frame at the foot of the existing tub giving us the symmetry around the opening we wanted. While this may not sound like all that big of a deal, if we didn’t regain the symmetry around the window the slight discrepancy would have shown up quite obviously in the tiles surrounding the window. Details such as these require us to pay close attention as we design the complete project.

I’m very careful to listen and incorporate the true style and taste of the home owners. This is their bathroom after all. My job is to expose the client to ALL possible design options. Several of these options can take some people by surprise as they say, “I would have never thought of that.” Once in a while you even have a client follow up that reply with, “….but I like it!” This was the case with the counter top selection. This home owner’s style tended toward neutral, muted tones. As you can see in the photos there is nothing “muted” about the color of the counter top. It is a great punch of color and adds the just right amount of fun to the space. It just brought a smile to our faces each time we discussed the counter top. That’s when you know for sure it is a great choice!