An 80s Remake

Oh the 80’s were great and all. Some really important things happened back then. Who can forget big hair, shoulder pads, and leg warmers? There is a point, however, when the features of design in a house built in the 80’s are ready for an update. This was really the case for our clients in Lago Vista. While there are many things I would not change about this house built in the 80’s, not included on that list is the worn out master bathroom. Features on the chopping block were the leaking, walled-in, walk-in shower, the cabinetry with wasted storage space, the octagonal ceiling detail forcing a 7′ ceiling height complete with a ceiling fan, and the poor lighting. They also had a door to the back patio from this room which really wasn’t necessary.

By changing the door to a window and pushing it toward the corner we were able to enlarge the shower options. The shower is now open and much brighter. Due to a surprise in the sub floor we were also able to add a zero-threshold entry into the shower. The homeowners travel quite a bit and therefore have experienced many different types of plumbing. By now they knew exactly what they wanted. This new shower is complete with a rain head and a hand held option giving them variety as well as a great way to clean the shower walls.

The bathtub is the crown jewel for this bathroom though it did have heavy competition with the sleek, high-gloss European cabinetry, built in mirrors with storage and magnification, toe kick lighting, back-lit stand-off mirror on a reclaimed wood focus wall, heated towel warmer, the amazing view out the large window, and the amazing light fixtures which achieve double recognition when reflected in the large mirror over the vanity.

In addition to the master bathroom we also added a Power Bathroom. That’s right. That was not a typo. I did not mean to say “powder bath” as this is no girly little bathroom. This is a space worthy to have the guys want to venture back there. This room was completely transformed from a typical utility space just large enough to house a side-by-side washer and dryer which we transported to the garage. The strong elements in this Power Bathroom include the deep blue color on the walls, natural, solid wood top for a vanity, wall-mounted sink faucet over a vessel sink, wall-mounted toilet, and amazing light fixtures again reflecting in the full-length mirror over the vanity.