All Decked Out

I’ll not forget how the tub in this bathroom was at the top of some ridiculously tall steps. Once you made it to the top of this quite narrow, yet steep, assent you were rewarded with a tub you had to stand inside of to draw bath water. Needless to say amending this was a high priority on our clients list of things to change.

To solve this dilemma we lowered the tub to a standard height off the finished floor nestled into its own correctly sized deck. In order to enlarge the clearance getting into the once narrow space we integrated the tub into the newly enlarged shower space. Bonuses to this solution included a much more accessible reach to the tub faucets as well as a standing or sitting space on the deck much more suited for drawing water. The recently added useful niche for storage or personalizing is also appreciated by the homeowners. Having the shower and tub together in their own “wet room” helps keep all the water in one place.