I was a very young bride; so young in fact I didn’t have a set style just yet. This is fine unless you are embarking on purchasing your very first bedroom suite for your new home and hope to be pleased with it for years to come.

The style I was attracted to in those early years was dark stained wood tones in very traditional designs. We saw this armoire mixed in with the rest of the bedroom furniture in its collection and had to have it as our “first purchase.”

Well if you know me now, that is not my style, and we quickly discovered that fact. As the years went by we didn’t purchase any other pieces in that collection, but could not part with this item.

Inspired by my recent work on my nightstand I got to work on the armoire. It needed more drawers and shelving for my needs so I had drawers added, which added, even more style to those drawers before calling it finished.